About us

YURUMA is a market place for rooms in shared homes, apartments and the establishment of new shared homes through user networks.

The platform uses modern digital concepts that have provided completely new services and benefits to users of tech platforms in the context of the industry 4.0.

The portal is based on profiles, a chat and administration tool, sharing features and a matching system for the home-sharing sector which considers preferences for cohabitation.

Yuruma's mission is to minimize administrative and financial efforts for advertisers and searchers as well as maximize efficiency and productivity in the real estate market.


Yuruma advertisers profit from a simple chat and administration system that enables a quick selection of viewing requesters and an easy organization of viewings. A tedious working off of email requests and overcrowded viewings are thereby avoided.

@Home Searchers

Yuruma home searchers can apply for apartments and rooms in shared homes with fitting roommates or establish a new shared home – all with just one profile. Thanks to this system of profiles users are exempt from the time-consuming writing of various applications and have the option to simultaneously pursue several paths to finding a new home.


Home searchers can create networks (teams) with each other to search for apartments together and establish their new shared home. Apartments on the platform can be linked with teams for discussion and finding more roommates.


Teams as well as apartments and rooms can be shared on social media to promote openings in teams and advertisements to friends.


The home-sharing sector on Yuruma has an underlying matching feature that considers preferences for cohabitation to help users find fitting roommates.